Monday, September 15, 2008

Senior Show Update

So, it's me again. I am writing this blog in regards to my Senior show coming up in a few months. My work has been constantly changing and I think I am really working towards a positive goal. I think in terms of memory I have got a great thing going. I want to push the idea of spiratic foun object and collage along with the miscellaneous representation of clear, precise objects and somewhat unrecognizable as well.

A few works are in progress, but there will definitely be more soon! Hopefully those reading are in anticipation!

- Tim


Alan said...

literally on the edge of my seat

MeganHarder said...

Still Life
• I notice black outlines framing the objects
• I notice an hour glass
• I notice a Styrofoam food box
• I notice the blue column separating the composition into two sections
• I notice design qualities around the pieces such as the circle, bubble shape
• I notice the cylindrical form behind the skull
• I notice a circle in the heal of the foot, almost looking like a hole
• I notice the fence structure under the skull only has four rungs
• I notice the amber color on the inside edge of the foot competing with the foot’s focus

I enjoy the object clutter, I think it would be interesting if you played more with the depth of the piece as well though and still keep a cluttered object composition. Also I thought the deck below was a fence, so maybe clarifying that if you want it to be a deck.