Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Caricature Studies... Part 2

Here is another post... but it's about me instead of my brother. At Valleyfair we are supposed to do a caricature of ourselves and i have always had a hard time with it. So, here is my first run of i am sure MANY!

Once again, see if you can tell the difference! ;)

Likeness is MEH, but oh well. Sometimes it is really hard to draw someone who is already goofy looking!

Anyways, I'm out.


Caricature Studies...

So here we are, a few weeks before the start of the caricature season and i am a lil bit rusty! Thus, i have decided to do some practice drawings. This is the first, of i am sure many, drawings i will do. And for convenience i am drawing family members. Here is Tony, my older brother. He is a little heavy-set and for the most part has similar features to myself. Being a caricature artist you can either run with this, or play with it appropriately. Since i will be working commercially, it will be more beneficial for money making if i am P.C.

Posted are the drawing, and an image of my big brudduh. Try and guess which is which!?!

There are strong strengths and weaknesses with this drawing but for the most part, i think it turned out well! Feel free to post comments!

Sincerely your nickname making friend,

Tim "El Diablo" Howe

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drawing Babies, WAHHHHH!

So for this post, i was looking online for freelance jobs and came across one looking for children, "specifically babies" and thought i would do some drawing. I worked with pencil, and sharpie and came up with this lil' diddy! I tried to add some caricature to the proportions and in doing so, the drawings became much more illustrated than originally thought! In all, i think it is a good practice for some linework, and for under drawing techniques. There is also a close-up of the kid in the hat. He is my favorite i think!

Comment if you must! Criticism appreciated!

Goo goo ga ga,


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oldie but a goodie!

Posting here is a link to the website i made for myself like 2 years ago. It was for a basic computer imagery course but looking at it now, i am not too mothered by it! Hell, it got me an "A"

Anyways, Here is the link:

On the site, although outdated, is a brief synopsis of some of the work i was doing at the time. Rough, but successful none-the-less.

Here are a few images from the site:

Check it out if you are bored, otherwise any feedback would be nice! Let me know if there is anything specific you want to see as well!

Until next time,