Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Caricature Boredom Pt. 2

Some other random works of art that happened while freelancing including a Zack Braff from "Scrubs", and these 3 ghetto fabulous kids at Valleyfair! Also sme airbrush, sketch compositions.


BJ and Joe

So two of my best friends came out to the mall of america this summer when i was drawing caricatures and asked to be drawn. It is usually dead out there depending on the day, and this happened to be one of those days...

The guys sat down and i took it to em. One of my better live drawings, and good overall likeness of Joe. "Mr. Combover" Kuzinar, as i like to call him in the drawing. Joe is on the right and BJ is on the left.

Let me know what you think.


Forgotten posts

Here is an image from the st. louis trip i took with my closest buds earlier this summer. many interesting and funny memories occurred on this trip and i felt like this would be a great keepsake, and documentation of the trip we took. Attached is the line drawing, online coloring and a photo of all of us on the trip.

pardon how we look... there may or may not have been drinking involved.


Long time no see...

Man i am bad at this! I have been really busy going back to school, playing shows, writing music and drawing to actually sit down and put some letters on this blog. Now i do have some time and it is 1 in the morning!

ANYHOO, here are a few images i have been goofing around with lately. Some old, some new. Retouching some and new ideas.

The first image is a poster i made for one of my upcoming music shows. I was working with layering and vector mask techniques and think this is pretty successful.

The other images are works from my senior art show that i have been cleaning up and getting ready to put into and e-portfolio.

Feedback welcome.

Enjoy, Tim