Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drawing Babies, WAHHHHH!

So for this post, i was looking online for freelance jobs and came across one looking for children, "specifically babies" and thought i would do some drawing. I worked with pencil, and sharpie and came up with this lil' diddy! I tried to add some caricature to the proportions and in doing so, the drawings became much more illustrated than originally thought! In all, i think it is a good practice for some linework, and for under drawing techniques. There is also a close-up of the kid in the hat. He is my favorite i think!

Comment if you must! Criticism appreciated!

Goo goo ga ga,



Matthew said...


What we do for money. Nice work Tim.



Tim said...

tough life... lol

you going to be back this summer at the moa and VF?