Monday, October 27, 2008

Recent Work Influenced By Old

The work presented is a preview of my upcoming senior show ideas. Any criticism or comments would be appreciated.

Please respond to the following questions:

- Is the printmaking style in the collage of random items more successful than the hand drawn elements of the skull drawing?

- Would it be better to use writing of lyrics in my drawings to help define the story of my personal experiences?

* The skull image was made most recently.

Thanks and until next time!

- Tim


Calienta Chrissy Marie said...

The engagement in these drawing is immensely improved from many other drawings I've seen from you. :) You seem like you were enjoying creating them... GREAT!
The top one is a bit confusing with the rectangular object in the center, but there is a certain quality I am enjoying aesthetically with the printmaking... however, the drawing is much more detailed, so it really depends on what you are going for.
Two things to consider working out..
- in the top one, where the red meets the blue in the center, it gets a little mucky.
- In the drawing, I enjoy the yellow, but I find the red (dead center) to be a little distracting. If it were me, I would either add a little more color, or get rid of the red

Kalyn said...

I find the elements in the print more appealing. I think the style of line and color the print helps with the central theme of memory.
memory is about overlapping and collision of ideas. Printmaking has a lot of those qualities. But I do also believe you are capable of achieving the same qualities with a drawing. i do not however believe that text is necessary. Words are hard to incorporate in work, they often become the main focus. I think the more ambiguous approach is what you want. Although it is about your story, that personal experience doesn't have to be what the viewer takes from the piece.

Xai With Glasses said...
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Xai With Glasses said...

I notice a feet in front in the foreground. I notice hard solid lines on some fo the objects. I notice a cartoony look. I see a stronger potential with the bottom one or the skull. The top one looks like abstracts I've seen before and is not as new as a style.