Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life Drawing (Advanced) - First Entry

The writing below is in response to the question asked in our advanced L.D. class:

This semester, I want to learn about how memory works. The way someone can look at something and remember it forever, or forget it instantly. Or how events that happen in a lifetime can be remembered or regressed.

This idea absolutly resides in psychology and brain functions.

It interests me because, in my entire life I have had to remember things for school, work, music, art, etc and some things I just cannot recall while others are like it happened moments ago. Also, I have noticed a lot of my own memories being/have been regressed, and I would like to see where it will take me on the road called memory lane. I want to explore why this is.

By looking at family history, and discussing memories with family and friends, and also looking in books about brain function and interpretation of events to the brain, I will eventually be able to create a unique style of work centered around this idea.

Memories can be really distinct or fuzzy, there will be a mixture of conte', chalk pastel, paint, ink, colored pencil, marker, and other objects to emphasise things.


Alan said...

i think memory is a very interesting area of study and i think it relates very well to drawing. both tie into how we personally perceive things. i'm excited to see where you take this idea

Kalyn said...

Are these memories going to be ones from your own life or memories from others lives? As far as memory goes, my own experience is that I tend to mix and often confuse my own recollection with others, and also with dreams. Sometimes our memories become much more of how we interpreted the moment rather than how it really happened. The more we recall that memory the more and more it may adapt. I think this concept is interesting, maybe you could work with actual reality opposed to what we tend to make up or actually remember from a particular happening.

I also mentioned something to you before about music and what a strong connection it has to memory. It literally has the ability to take back any individual at any moment in time. Have you looked into this more? And how would you go about incorporating this element?