Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Photo Retouching

So, in my incredibly busy musical lifestyle... I sometimes find time to get back to my artistic roots. So, I saw a picture my sister in law disliked and did some work to it. The original photo had her cousin’s hand holding onto the table behind them. After using a blur tool and clone stamp, I was able to blend the background color to mask the hand. Also using the pencil tool I was able to add shadows and highlights to the metallic legs of the table. Then blurring the lower half of everything behind the couch, I created a deeper depth of field.
The next set is from my lovely girlfriends sister's family...whew! Yeah, similar technique used but a great finished product non-the-less. If only babies would smile on command all the time... well, i wouldn't have a job then, but oh well!
The final outcomes are pretty successful. Comments or shortcuts encouraged. Until next time...


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Twan said...

Who do you think you are, God? adding and subtracting things from can't just go around changing fate Tim!