Friday, December 19, 2008

Advanced Life Drawing: Final Assignment

Response to "Final Critique" -

The work through out this semester was primarily based on my senior show, which reflected on the ideas of cognitive thinking and spontaneity. The series, which was made up of mono-print and hand drawn elements in colored pencil/ink, I feel was a great success and really reflected my personal experiences to create the dreamlike sequence. “The End of The Beginning”, consumed most of my time this semester but in the mean time, however, I was able to experiment with photography.

With the help of my little brothers, I was introduced to a technique to capture extreme motion. They showed me by shaking my head and relaxing my face in front of a camera that the outcome would make you appear, “funny looking.” More importantly, it was a live action caricature. There was obvious exaggeration of structure and appendage in the face and from my history of work, it was complimentary. I decided to try and capture this stylized photography by representational drawing. Using charcoal and conte’ crayon, I hoped to accurately depict this exaggeration and similar to Charles Lichtenstein, use a child’s advice to spark his own work. Thanks Ben and Jacob!

Here is the series of work I have been exploring as of now.


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